Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Creating a QR Code

In our first ICT PD session we concentrated on creating QR codes.

QR codes stand for Quick Response codes and they are a quick and effective way to share information with other teachers, parents, children or anyone else within the school community. For the uninitiated a QR code looks like this:
You can scan this using a QR code reader on a device to
 find one of my favourite  web tools to use in the classroom.

During the PD session we discussed some ways that QR codes could be used which includes:

  1. Treasure Hunts.
  2. Internet sites that you want your class to visit. 
  3. Links to YouTube videos that you want to share. 
  4. Shortcuts for junior learners when typing websites is going to be time consuming. 

There are plenty of other ways to use QR codes though and you can find all sorts of ideas on the Internet.

There are heaps of websites to help you create QR codes. I prefer to use the website QR Code Generator and this video will help you create a code if you have some trouble remembering how we showed you, or if you have not made one before.

Once you are starting to become familiar with creating QR codes and want to build something a little different, try QR Voice which is shown below.

Good luck creating your QR codes and don't forget to share your success with the rest of the staff at Henderson North School.

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